Local Traditions

One of our specialities is; tours where the groups can participate in local traditions and learn about about them.  Local Traditions

Some examples could be:

  • Visit to the traditional shepherds of Cantabria: the “Pasiegos” wander with their cattle from pasture to pasture, sharing their simple shacks with the animals. The groups have the possibility to walk with them for afternoon, milk the cows and find out how it is to live away from civilisation, without mobile phone or television.
  • Make your own prehistoric Majorcan slingshot: hunting with this kind of slingshot goes back to the talayotic period of prehistoric Majorca. Memories of this culture are being saved by various associations on the island. The group will be able to fabricate their own sling shot and will be taught how to use it.
  • Make your own wine: visit of a local vineyard and tread the grapes as it was done in ancient times! The wine will later be sent to you with a personalized label.
  • Prepare a traditional dish: at a typical farmhouse, the group will learn how to prepare a traditional dish of the region. After being show around the farmhouse with explanations of how it was and is run, the group will have lunch with typical plates, including their own elaboration.

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