Active Holiday in Cantabria

Cantabria, situated in the north of Spain, its lovely green landscape offers nature at its best: wide pastures, high mountains, beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring cliffs. Traditions from ancient times, caves with prehistoric paintings and highly modern architectures melt into what makes Cantabria so interesting and worthwhile visiting.

Active Holiday in Catabria

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An example of a group programme (can be adapted to your needs):

  • Day 1: Airport transfer from Santander to the hotel in Suances.
  • Day 2: day excursion: light guided walk through the lovely countryside of the coast of Cantabria (Suances – Cobréces). Afternoon: guided visit to Santillana del Mar and to the interpretation centre of the Altamira caves.
  • Day 3: day trip to the animal park of Cabarceno.
  • Day 4: day excursion to Los Picos de Europa including a light guided walk.
  • Day 5: ½ day excursion to the Pasiegos. The pasiegos are the traditional milk farmers of Cantabria, known as the “Tauregs” from Cantabria. They go with their cattle to where the fresh grass grows and they share their houses with their cattle, just like in ancient times. This excursion includes a light guided walk and visit to a typical cottage and the passenger will be able to milk cows.
  • Day 6: day excursion: Walk of the Bridges, light guided walk through the forests of Cantabria. Afternoon: visit of the caves of El Soplao.
  • Day 7: Coach transfer from Suances to Santander Airport

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